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First Contract cover

First Contract

Now available in paperback and hardcover.
         When the aliens came, Johnson Mukerjii lost everything. His company, his Jag, his mansion, his expensive and oh so treacherous wife.
          The economy went to hell. Earth just couldn't compete with the aliens. Why buy a Mercedes when you can get a flying car that can accelerate to the speed of sound in under 60 seconds? Or a Pentium III, when you can buy a friendly, joke-cracking artificial intelligence with the processing power of a million Crays? Unemployment soon hit 50%, and the Dow Jones clunked around in low double digits amid the greatest business bust since the Fall of Rome.
          Then Mukerjii had his brainstorm. The only competitive advantage Earth had was cheap labor. We needed to be like Taiwan: to make ticky-tacky pieces of mass-disposable crap for export to the stars....

Click here to order from Amazon.com. (Or better yet, buy it at your local independent bookstore.)

Another Day, Another Dungeon

Cups & Sorcery Book I
P.G. Wodehouse meets J.R.R. Tolkien. A motley crew of adventurers delve deep into the dungeons beneath the fabled city of Urf Durfal, there to find an adamantine statue of Stantius, last Human King that may or may not hold the secret of humanity's future (or lack thereof), but would certainly be worth a great deal of money if melted down, and pumps out magical energy like the Grand Coulee Dam. Naturally, it isn't long before everyone, his brother, and his brother's familiar is after them, and the statue. (Tor Books, 1990; Science Fiction Book Club, 1991).

It's out of print, but you might be able to buy it used on Amazon or ABE Books.

One Quest, Hold the Dragons

Cups & Sorcery Book II
The adventurers of Another Day, Another Dungeon return in a madcap quest across the human lands toward Arst-Kara-Morn, the Dark Lord's seat, where they hope to free the spirit of Stantius Human King. Along the way, they get involved in a love affair, start a revolution, and eat a great deal of very bad food, most of it greep. (Tor Books, 1995; Science Fiction Book Club, 1995).

It's out of print, but you might be able to buy it used on Amazon or ABE Books.

By the Sword

Nijon's mom says he's the son of a god. Nobody much believes her, not even Nijon, until the day his dad shows up. Humorous heroic fantasy, lots of good old fashioned bashing people with big, ugly weapons, not to mention dragons and suchlike. The boy doesn't get the girl, though. Just as well for both of them, actually. (Prodigy Services, Inc, 1991; Tor Books, 1993; Science Fiction Book Club, 1993).

It's out of print, but you might be able to buy it used on Amazon or ABE Books.

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