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I live in Battery Park City, in lower Manhattan, with my sweetie, Karen Sideman; my youngest child; and six cats. (Yes, I know... my kids kept on adopting strays, and various relatives dumped others on me -- such is life; I wouldn't have so many by choice). My son Eddy is currently working at a language school, as their IT guy and also teaching German and other languages; my daughter Vicky works for the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and my daughter Simona is attending Quest to Learn, a school founded by the Institute of Play, a not-for-profit established by Katie Salen to harness game design principles in an educational context. Karen is also a game designer, working mainly though not exclusively on educational games. Our apartment is crammed with both digital and tabletop games, and several thousand books -- mainly genre fiction, but lots of other stuff too.

I have not owned a motor vehicle for 20 years, bicycle everywhere, and cook almost every night for my family. I am something of a civil liberties advocate, and belong to the EFF, the ACLU, and Transportation Alternatives.

My 9/11 story.

Eleanor Lang's article: Publicity 101, a primer on doing your own PR.

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