Editors: Carmen H. Masin, Albert A. Nofi; Artists: Maria Ann Britton, Linda Jones, Willie Mayes, Alicia Castro, Rita Jones, Daniel Perez, and James Mayes; Poets: Maria Ann Britton, James Mayes, Irmamau Kalin (aka Leonard Gumbs). A collection of left-wing poetry co-edited by Al Nofi, and published under the "Poultron Press" rubric (as a courtesy, because S&T's facilities were used in putting it together). Here's a piece of real collectors' trivia.

WAR IN THE EAST, The Russo-German Conflict, 1941-45, "S&T Staff Study #1"

The Russo-German Conflict (Stephen B. Patrick); The Course of the Battle (Edward McCarthy); An Analysis of the War (Col. Trevor N. Dupuy); Organization of Soviet Ground Forces (James F. Dunnigan); Organization of German Ground Forces (James F. Dunnigan); Soviet and German Tactics and Weapons (James F. Dunnigan); The Air and Sea War in the East (David C. Isby). A book published by SPI; this and the following were to be the first of a planned series of "S&T Staff Studies", but the first sold so poorly that the series was canned.

WARGAME DESIGN, The History, Production and Use of Conflict Simulation Games, "S&T Staff Study #2"

The History of Wargaming (Stephen B. Patrick); Game Design and Development: A Case Study (Richard H. Berg); Image and System: Graphics and Physical System Design (Redmond A. Simonsen); Notes on Game Design (Stephen B. Patrick); Research (David C. Isby); The Business of Wargaming: The Economic Realities of Wargame Manufacturing (James F. Dunnigan); Wargame Directory and a Suggested Library of Games (Richard H. Berg); Symbols, Terms and Formats (Redmond A. Simonsen).


.Copyright © 1984, 1989, 1997 by Greg Costikyan.