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S & T began as a magazine about wargames, but mutated into a military history magazine with a wargame in each issue. Moves was started as SPI's house organ, to carry articles about games -- variants, strategy articles, reviews, and the like. Below, each issue is listed along with contents and authors.


2/72. Bias for Better Balance (D. Keith Baker); Combat Results and Tactical Games (Stephen Patrick); Game Design: A Debate (Bob Champer, Jim Dunnigan, Al Nofi, Stephen Patrick, Redmond Simonsen, Dave Williams, John Young, and Lou Zocchi); Introduction to Advanced Napoleonics (Fred Vietmeyer); Manpower in World War One (Jim Dunnigan); 1940 Revision (Jeff Schramek); Pass in Review (David Isby); Solitaire Wargaming (Jeff Richardson); Why Are So Many Told So Little About So Much? (Jeff Frediani); The Zulu War (Guy Woodward).


4/72. Adding Realism to Armor (Stephen Patrick); Anschluss (Stephen Patrick); Gustavus Adolphus' Contribution to War (Jim Dunnigan); Game Profile: Battle of Stalingrad (Lenny Glynn); Game Review: Leipzig (James Flanagan); Gamespeak (Redmond Simonsen); Idiocy or Reality (D.J. Govostes); Limited Intelligence (Lenny Glynn); Panzerblitz Revisited (George G. Hopp); Simulations and Education (Al Nofi); Some Panzerblitz Optional Rules (Steve List); Why Some Games Never Materialize (Al Nofi).


6/72. Advanced Withdrawal (Ron Pazdra); This Bias Nobody Knows (Redmond Simonsen); Cardboard Weapons (Redmond Simonsen); Compendium of Wargame Publications (George Phillies); Game Profile: Leipzig (Phil Neuscheler); Grouchy at Waterloo (Al Nofi); Summer of '43 (Jerrold Thomas); Strategy I Errata (John Young).


8/72. "All Players are Created Equals" (Redmond Simonsen); Game Profile: Soldiers (Lenny Glynn & Dave Isby); Power Politics (John Boardman); War and "Peace": A Guide to Conflict Simulations (Martin Campion).


10/72. Game Profile: 1812 (Phil Orbanes); Interchange (Mark Hallenbeck and John Young); La Guerra (Al Nofi); Pass in Review (Al Nofi); Playing Wargames by Mail (Omar DeWitt); Tank vs. Tank (Raymond Bell Jr.).


12/72. Blitzkrieg: A Definition (Stephen Patrick); Chinese Classical Warfare (Normal LaForce); The Great Arrow War (Al Nofi and Stephen Patrick); Maida (David Isby); Napoleon at IBM (Randy Clark); Normandy: Game and Reality (William Drakert); Normandy Revisited (Steve List); Pass in Review (Ken Hoffman); Wargames from and about China (John Boardman).


2/73. A Blast from the Past (Dave Williams); A Guide to Conflict Simulation Games and Periodicals Part I: Periodicals (George Phillies); Part II: Games (Martin Campion); How Many...? (Al Nofi); Physical Systems Design (Redmond Simonsen); A View From Kansas (Martin Campion); Where Do We Go from Here? (Jim Dunnigan).


4/73. Armor/Infantry: Another Factor in Tactical Simulations (Jerrold Thomas); Footnotes (George Peninger, John Pawula, Richard Bareford, Joseph Molnar, Brent Ellerbrook, Stephen Patrick, Burton Egel, Larry Gale, James Cobb); Logistics in Wargaming (Curtis Barton); Ortho Front Geometry (Ron Pazdra); Pass in Review (Stephen Patrick); Realism Theory (Victor Madeja); Realistic Afrika Korps (Mystery Person); Why Not Design a Game on the American Civil War? (Mike Banasik).


6/73. Footnotes (Jerrold Thomas, Riley Sunderland, Gary Hladik, Mark Pernell, R.J. Nelson, Rhea Stone, Michael Markowitz, Steve List, James Jones); Game Errata: Centurion, Grunt, Lost Battles, USN, Combat Command (Frank Davis); Games: Evolution and Revolution (William Drakert); Maxi-PanzerBlitz (Jerrold Thomas); Pass in Review (Martin Campion); Shiloh (Kip Allen); Simulation of Morale (Clifford Sayre, Jr.); Strategic Air War Against Japan (Gary Woodward); A Tatical Module for Strategic Games (Fred Preston).


8/73. A Borodino Profile (Steve Thurston); Cybernetics and Wargaming (Russ Smith); Footnotes (C. King Sargent, Steve Turn, Roman Senkiw, Richard Lindquist, Richard Bareford, James Hincks, John Meyer, George Peninger); Game Errata: Scrimmage, CA, Austerlitz, NATO, Breakout & Pursuit (Frank Davis); Game Thoery: An Introduction (Tom Cleaver); Naval War Under Sail (John Parkins); Operational Principles for Turning Points (Steve List); Tactics and Aircraft in Flying Circus (Norman Beveridge Jr.); Vehicles in Soldiers (David Isby).


10/73. "CA": Adding Realism (Steve List); Adding Simultaneity (Jerrold Thomas); Adding Historicity (William Harting); Footnotes (James Dickey, Mark Hamilton, M.E. Canipe, L.F.W. Beck, Hank Zucker, Robert Roser, Arthur Pigg, David Porter); Foxbat & Phantom (John Fernandes); The Franco-Prussian War (Omar DeWitt); Game Errata: Soldiers, Normandy (Frank Davis); Wargame Reviews (Martin Campion).


12/73. Footnotes (John Flesner, Tyrone Bomba, Jerrold Thomas, Drew Porter, Al Nofi, Martin Campion, M.E. Clifford, William Hescox, Omar DeWitt); Forward Observer (John Mansfield); Game Capsule: World War II (Kip Allen); Game Errata: Dark Ages, Grenadier (Frank Davis); Game Errata: Question & Answer (Frank Davis); Red Star/White Star: A Revision (Abe Fox); White Star Viewpoint (John Schneider with Albert Amos, Jr.); The Designer Redesigns (Jim Dunnigan); The Solitaire Player vs. the System (Russ Smith).


2/74. Footnotes (Mike Markowitz, Sonny Kwok, Thomas Ben Est, Rich Berg, Duncan Smith, Erich Faust, Daniel Lind, Robert Markle, Stephen Swierczek, Robert Lockner); Forward Observer (John Mansfield); NATO Game Profile (Steve List); The 1973 SPI Game-Year in Review: Victories and Defeats (John Young); A Self-Appraisal (Jim Dunnigan); A Look At What You Were Seeing (Redmond Simonsen).


4/74. Designing for Playability (John Hill); Footnotes (William Pegues, Lewis Pulsipher, Gregory Zahuranec, Peter Lomoe, Bruce Farcau, Clark Irwin Jr., Clifford Sayre Jr.); Game Errata: PanzerArmee Afrika, Desert War, KampfPanzer, The East is Red, Leipzig (Frank Davis); Game Errata: Question & Answer (Frank Davis); KampfPanzer/Desert War Profile: Choices & Changes (Jerrold Thomas); KampfPanzer Expanded (Charles Sharp); A Wider View (John Fernandes); Multiple Commander Bull Run (Al Nofi); Rifle & Saber: Four Boer War Scenarios (Philip Gray).


6/74. A Compendium of Wargaming Periodicals (George Phillies); Footnotes (David Thornberg, Mark Markowitz, T.L. Sink, Richard Bartucci, Steve List, Dale Johnson, Michael McCarthy); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Sinai Game Profile: The History as the Game (Howard Barasch); Developer's Notes (Hank Zucker).


8/74. Footnotes (Lloyd Cotsen, Phil Kosnet, C. King Sargent, William Hescox, David Himmelsbach, Gary Stagliano, David Bright); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Musket & Pike Play Balance (Arnold Hendrick); SPI Game Design Seminar, Abstract I (Jim Dunnigan & others); World War II Profile: The Case for the Defense (Ed Curran); Why Not Tamper With a Good Thing? (Jerrold Thomas); WW II Expansion Game (Kip Allen, John Boardman); WW II Errata and Additional Options (Ed Curran, Redmond Simonsen).


10/74. Footnotes (Dennis Blazey, Phil Kosnett, Mike Markowitz, R.E. Wilson); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Frigate Game Profile: A View of the Game, Suggested Rules Modifications, Additional Scenarios, Historical Supplement (Steve List); Korea: Analysis and Review (Omar DeWitt); PanzerArmee Afrika Brainstorming (SPI R&D Staff); Seelowe: Invade and Enjoy (Mark Saha); War in the East Errata (Tom Walczyk).


12/74. American Revolution: In Lieu of "Perfect" Plans (Omar DeWitt); Combined Arms: Additional Scenarios and Units (Kip Allen); El Alamein: The Complete Slugfest (Mark Saha); Footnotes (Larry Duffield, Roger MacGowan, Ray Lowe, John Heydt, Charles Bowles, Bill Edlard); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Index to Moves: Issues 1 to 18 (Richard Mataka); Sniper Game Profile (Martin Campion).


2/75. Cliff Hanging (Kevin Zucker); Footnotes (R.C.V. Ripley, Ray Thorne, Lynn Brower, Richard Mataka); Forward Observer (Don Turnbull); Gaming Renaissance (Jack Greene, Jr.); "Lake Pinsky" Speaks (Larry Pinsky); Tactical Notes: La Grande Armee (Rich Berg); True Confessions (SPI R&D Staff); What is a Wargamer? (Phil Kosnett); Women in Wargaming (Linda Mosca); World War Three (Eric Griffiths).


4/75. Footnotes (Kip Allen, Michael Markowitz); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Sixth Fleet Game Notes (Frederick Georgian); SPI Game Design Seminar, Abstract II (Jim Dunnigan, and others); War in the East Profile: Russian Defense (Oktay Oztunali); Stalingrad Scenario Tactics (Jerrold Thomas); One Player's Experience (Mark Saha); Barbarossa Order of Battle (no author listed).


6/75. Footnotes (R.N. Webb, Richard Mataka, John & David Tate, Richard Outerbridge, John Heydt, Charles Bowles, Sandra McCoy); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Frederick the Great (Frederick Georgian); StarForce Profile: The StarForce Tapes (Neil Shapiro, John Boardman, Redmond Simonsen); The Game as Fiction (Neil Shapiro); Scenario 100: The Outleap (Arnold Hendrick); Beyond 3000 (Phil Kosnett).


8/75. Basic Tactics for the New Gamer (Frederick Georgian); A Blatantly Subjective Evaluation (Carl Hoffman); Bull Run in Profile (Mark Saha); Footnotes (Nicholas Jewett, Robert Zabik, Bill Haggart, Bill Somers); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Kursk in Parallel (Mark F. Teehan); StarForce: Scenario 100 Follow-Up (Arnold Hendrick).


10/75. Baltimore Kaleidoscope (Rich Berg); Blue & Gray Profile: Shiloh (Harold Totten); Antietam (Richard Mataka & John Zseller); Cemetery Hill (Mike Curran); Chickamauga (Jay Nelson); Footnotes (David Bieksza, Frank Lucas, Allyn Vannoy, Dave Newman, Ernie Demanelis); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); From Grunt to Search & Destroy (Phil Kosnett); Labor Pains: The Birth Cycle of a Game (Lou Ritter); The Tactics of Advance (Frederick Georgian); Sniper! Errata (Tom Walczyk).


12/75. Comparitive Evaluation: Dreadnought & Jutland (Steve List); Comparitive Evaluation (Panzer Leader & Panzer '44) (Phil Kosnett); Dreadnought Super Extention (Arnold Hendrick); Footnotes (Mike Markowitz, L. Czinder, Steve Kane, Robert Zabik, Joseph Gurman, Rich Berg); Formation Tactics (Frederick Georgian); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Modern Battles Profile: Mukden (Phil Kosnett); Wurzburg (Frederick Goergian); Golan (Jay Nelson); Chinese Farm (Ed Curran).


2/76. Complicating Blue & Gray (Mahroni Young); Footnotes (Jerrold Thomas, Mike Markowitz, Phil Kosnett); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Sorcerer Scenarios (Arnold Hendrick); SPI Game Design Seminar, Abstract III (Jim Dunnigan & others); Sterling Persons, Incorporated (SPI R&D Staff); World War I Profile (Geoff Burkman).


4/76. The Basic Wargame Library (Rich Berg); Battle of Nations (Paul Dangel); Fast Carriers (Christopher Perleberg); Footnotes (William Tallen, Dave Newman, John & David Tate, Mike Markowitz); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Oil War (Richard DeBaun); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Scenarios for Mech War '77 (Phil Kosnett); SPI's Friday Night Follies (Phil Kosnett); Third Reich (John Prados).


6/76. Case: Seminar on Games (SPI R&D Staff); Conservative Tactics (Joe Angiollilo); Defense of the Reich (Leon Higley); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Hooker & Lee Game Notes (Rich Berg); Mech War Tactical Doctrine (John Hinsley); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Scenarios for Modern Games (Phil Kosnett).


8/76. After Action Report: Arnhem (Lynn Brower); Arnhem Game Notes (Jay Nelson); Defense/Offense Strategy (Frderick Georgian); 8,000 to 1 (Redmond Simonsen); Footnotes (Michael Zynski, Jr., Joe Vandervest, R.C. Smith, Dave Newman, James Epperson); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Game Quality: What Factors Matter? (John Vahalty, Jr.); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Operational Analysis: Narvik (Scott Renner); Patrol!: Tactics in the Raw (Jon-Dane Lukas); Profile: Russian Civil War (Steve List).


10/76. Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Gamespeak II (Redmond Simonsen); Home Brew...Mech War '77 and Panzer '44 Scenarios (Phil Kosnett); Index to S&T and Moves (no author listed); Military Unit Symbols (Redmond Simonsen); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Panzergruppe Guderian (Redmond Simonsen); QuadriGame Errata: Blue & Gray, Modern Battles, Napoleon at War, Island War, Blue & Gray II, Westwall (Tom Walczyk); Special New Gamer Section (Redmond Simonsen); The SPI Game Library (Rich Berg); Terrible Swift Sword (Rich Berg); Terrible Swift Sword Errata (Rich Berg); Wagram: The Battle and the Game (Irad Hardy); Wargaming's Family Reunion (Phil Kosnett).


12/76. Broad Front Strategy (Frederick Georgian); 8,000 to 1 (Redmond Simonsen); Emperor of China (Mark Saha); Footnotes (Ray Thorne, Joseph Miranda, Lloyd Cotsen, John Siscoe); Global War and Vichy (Michael Simonds); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Mopping Up: Firefight (Steve List); More Firefights (Phil Kosnett); New Scenarios for Dreadnought (George Lyon); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Refitting "CA" (Karl Wiegers and David Bieksza); Russian Civil War (J. Richard Jarvinen); Terrible Swift Sword (James Epperson).


2/77. Conquistador! (David Grant); Dissecting a Combat Results Table (M.S. Buynoski); Firefight (Mark Herman & Tony Merridy); Footnotes (Richard Ware, Michael McNierney, Phil Kosnett, George Fagin 2nd); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Frederick the Great (Roy Schelper); Napoleon's Last Battles (Christopher Perleberg); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Torgau (Roy Schelper); Trouble Areas in Terrible Swift Sword (Rich Berg); We Love Them...We Love Them Not (SPI R&D Staff).


4/77. After the Holocaust (Scott Renner); Footnotes (J. Thomas, B. Provsky & Shelden Tenenbaum, Scott Usborne); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Grand Chancellorsville (Arnold Hendrick); The Limits to Growth in Holocaust (Gary Kodish); October War (Tony Merridy); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Starship Trooper/Starsoldier (Phil Kosnett); Starsoldier: Doctine, Tactics, Capabilities (Steve List); Starsoldier: Extended Capabilities (Steve List); TSS: The First Day (Jerrold Thomas); Von Manstein: Battles in the Ukraine (Russ Smith).


6/77. Citadel (John Prados); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Goeben as Dreadnought (Edward Heinsman); An NLB Campaign (Tony Merridy); October War (Mark Herman); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Panzergruppe Guderian (Bill Dunne, Mike Gunson, David Parish); Science Fiction (Phil Kosnett); StarForce Scenario 10 (Tony Watson); War in Europe (Steve List).


8/77. Footnotes (Kevin & John Kinder, Scott Usborne, Water Waldau, Charles Kamps, Phil Kosnett); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); The Long Patrol (Steven Dickes); Moscow Campaign (Perry Moore); Napoleon's Victory (Jerrold Thomas); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); A Productive Approach (Steve List); Spanish Gold (David Grant); True Victory (John Koontz); Wacht am Rhein: Addenda (Joe Balkoski); Wurzburg (Jack Bludis).


10/77. Captain Video Returns (Phil Kosnett); Conquered Again (Richard Berg); Neither Rain Nor Snow (Thomas G. Partuch); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Origins 77 (Redmond Simonsen with Dave Robertson and Richard Mataka); Raid! (Mark Edwards); TACIS (Joe Burnice and Richard Lawrence Barron); Veracruz (John D. Shelby); War Between the States (Analysis) (Jeffrey M. Bishop); War Between the States (Follow Up) (Irad Hardy); Without Deja Vu (Omar DeWitt).


12/77. Cobra (Dave Werden); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Fulda Gap: Profile (Thomas Pratuch); Fulda Gap: Variant (Charles Kamps); I See You...Do You See Me? (David Clark); 1918 (Charles Turner); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Russian Campaign (John Prados); Things to Come? (Phil Kosnett); Vera Quiz (Richard Jarvinen); Wargamer and Historian (Michael Simonds).


2/78. Air War: Addenda, Scenarios, & Variants (Dave Isby); Air War: F-86 Check Flight (Gregory John); Cobra Errata (Dave Werden); Drive on Stalingrad (Errata) (Brad Hessel); Expanded Three-Player Rules for War of the Ring (Eric Goldberg); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Just Add Water...Naval Rules for Constantinople (Rich Berg); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Space Opera (Phil Kosnett); Travel Notes (Dave Robertson).


4/78. Battleline in Power Politics (Steve Ulberg and Steve Curley); Battleline in the Air (David Bieksza and Karl Wiegers); Battleline on the Ground (John Prados); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); A Mighty Fortress (David Schoellhamer); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Red Sun Rising (Douglas Dery).


6/78. BattleFleet Mars (Thomas Pratuch); Canadian Civil War (Norman Howe); A Double Blind Search System (Dieter Schlaepfer); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); In Character (David Smith); On the American Civil War (John Shelby); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Realism and Playability (Harry Erwin); TSS: One, Two, Three (David Martin); War in All of Europe (James Christiansen).


8/78. Airburst (Matthew Foster); A Compendium of Errata; Could the One True Ring Be Brass? (Neil Randall); Drive South to Stalingrad (Tom Graveline); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Nor Dark of Night... (Thomas Pratuch); Objective: Moscow (Scott Rennger); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Other Faces, Other Times (John Lindstrom-Furutani); Secret Search (V.J. Thomas); Tactical Nuclear Weapons Simulation (John Graham); Wacht am Rhein (Jim Govostes); You Too Can Be An Air War Ace (Robert Hopkins).


10/78. Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Gamma World (Steve List); Green Fields Beyond (Christopher Perleberg); Kharkov (Karl Wiegers); The Next War in Depth, Part One -- The Next War (Mark Edwards), A CRT-Based Analysis (John Alsen), Design & Development (Stephen Donaldson), New War Errata & Addenda (no author listed); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Stonewall (James Epperson).


12/78. Atlantic Wall Errata & Addenda (no author listed); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); A Game of Beaches (Thomas Pratuch); Is There A Method Actor in the House? (Jonathan Southard); Moves in English (Charles Vasey); The Next War in Depth, Part Two -- The Next War CRT (Tony Merridy), Tactics in The Next War (Mark Herman), Baltic Naval Scenario (Dick Rustin), Design and Development Part Two (Stephen Donaldson), Next War Order of Battle Analyses (no author listed), Next War Errata (no author listed); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen).


2/79. Descent on Crete (Thomas Pratuch); Fortress Europa (John Prados); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Mending Stonewall (Leonard Millman); Moves in English (Charles Vasey); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Playing with Intelligence (Peter McDonald); This Land is Your Land (Thomas Pratuch).


4/79. Anyone Else Out There Like Me? (Fred Sassain); Arrows of Outrageous Fortune (David Smith); Forward Observer (Rich Berg); Free the Panthers! (Thomas Graveline); "Frodo, Take a Letter" (David Smith); Moves in English (Charles Vasey & John Geoffrey Barnard); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); The Search Goes On (Rudolph Lauer); SPIBUS (Dave Robertson, Redmond Simonsen); SPIRIT (Redmond Simonsen, Joe Bisio).


6/79. The Evaluation of Origins (John Prados); Forward Observer (Joe Perez); King of the Mountain (David Bieksa); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, W. Orr & Peter Bolton); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); SPIRIT (Redmond Simonsen, Joe Perez); Wargame Design (Thomas Pratuch); War In the World (Thomas Stoughton).


8/79. The Colossal Counter Contest (Richard Berg); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); Good Woods (Karl Wiegers); Heli-War (Thomas Partuch); Highway to the Reich (Stuart Glennan); Moves in English (Charles Vasey and Nick Palmer); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); 2nd Prize: A Full Weekend in Philadelphia (Redmond Simonsen); War In the World Part 2 (Thomas Stoughton).


10/79. Alexander's Weaponry (Ben Miller); Creature Feature (Alan Gopin); Fantastic Reality (Douglas Bachmann); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, David & Peter Bolton, John Flynn, William Orr); Ney's Victory (John Scarbeck); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); A Slice in Time (Antonio Leal); SPIRIT (Redmond Simonsen, Joe Perez); War in the World Part 3 (Thomas Stoughton).


12/79. ...And the Winners Are... (Rich Berg); The Best Game You've Never Played (Wayne Weber); The Chrome-Plated Machine Pistol (Jeff Geisler); Debriefing Prados (Greg Costikyan); FireFight Alone (Robert Kunz); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, Stephen Clifford, Pete Bartlam, Geoff Barnard); Notes from the SPIRIT World (Redmond Simonsen, Joe Perez); NLB: An Anti-Variant (Mark Brazas); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen).


2/80. The Chrome-Plate Machine Pistol: Part II (Jeff Geisler); The Civil War Afloat (Gerald R. Lientz); A Different Sort of Creature (Glenn Williams); Drive on Stalingrad (Donald Hamm); The Endless Sand (Thomas Pratuch); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); In the Game (David Smith); Moves in English (Charles Vasey); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Pre-Modern Logistics (Michael Palmer).


4/80. Berlin '85 After Action Report (Nick Karp); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); Moves in English (Charles Vasey); On the Eastfront (Steve List); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Rough Going in '64 (Gary Gillette & Alexis Turkalo); The Tables of Berlin (R.A. Hammer).


6/80. Eric Goldberg's Kursk (Tom Hudson); Flights of Fancy (Robert Hopkins); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, William Orr & Peter Bolton); On Little Round Top (Harry Roach); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Pandora with Brains (Ted Woods & Dave Ritchie); Role Up for the Mystery Tour (Justin Leites & Matt Ruff); The Son of the Son of Squad Leader (John Alsen); Wilson's Creek Historical (Richard Wright); Workshop-Talk: Interview with Marc Miller (Greg Costikyan).


8/80. C'Est La Guerre (Ian Chadwick); Charle-Mail: PBM Empires of the Middle Ages (John Boardman); Con Crit (Philip Columbus); Conquering the Magic Kingdom (Nick Karp & Scott Laiken); The Forest for the Trees (Terry Baney); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); From Sea to Shining Sea (Jerrold Thomas); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, Julian Barker, Andrew Finkel, Robert Malin); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Photo-Toons (Redmond Simonsen); Stat Rep: Bulge (Claude Bloodgood); Tito Lives! (Dick Rustin).


10/80. Anything-to-One (Michael Phelps); Back on Little Round Top (David Martin); C'Est La Guerre Part 2 (Ian Chadwick); Enchanced NAW (John Scarbeck); FireFight - City (Gary Morgan); 44, 40 & Fight (Karl Wiegers); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); In the Arena of Death (Philip Marchal); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); SPIBUS (Bill St. John); Stat Rep: China War (Claude Bloodgood).


12/80. Advanced Tactics, Reality & Games Part 1 (Thomas Pratuch); Citadel of Blood (Justin Leites); Civil War Survey (Steve List); Computing Tactical Results (John Graham III); 5th Corps (Anthony Curtis); The Kaiser's Battle (Philip Marchal); Moves in English (Charles Vasey); The Next Next War (David Roberts); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Stat Rep: The Black Prince (Claude Bloodgood).


2/81. Advanced Tactics, Reality & Games Part 2 (Thomas Pratuch); Central Front Series: 5th Corps & Hof Gap (Charles Kamps); Convention Organizer's Datafile Nr. 1 (Bryan & Kathleen Bullinger); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, Greg Boak); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); SPIBUS: Why I'm Really Buying a Microcomputer (Ian Chadwick); A Survey of Arab-Israeli Wargames (Ian Chadwick).


4/81. Advanced Tactics, Reality & Games Part 3 (Thomas Pratuch); Battle for Stalingrad (Jerrold Thomas); Convention Organizer's Datafile Nr. 2 (Bryan Hinnen); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, Peter Boulton); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Professionalism & Game Design (Frank Chadwick); Rescue from the Hive On Your Own (Nick Karp); SPIBUS: Why I'm Really Buying a Microcmputer (Ian Chadwick).


6/81. The Battle of Corinth (Gerald Lientz); Cedar Mountain (Eric Smith); Expanded Simplicity (John Best); Forward Observer (Eric Goldberg); Games That Train (Austin Bay); Moves Canada (Ian Chadwick); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); SPIBUS (Ian Chadwick); SPI Game Addenda Index (no author listed); Super Task Force (Charles Kamps).


8/81. Doctrine for Desert Fox (J. Matisse Enzer); Empires for Two (James Epperson); Forward Observer (Dave Ritchie); Kursk (Neil Hall); Moves Canada (Ian Chadwick); Moves in English (Charles Vasey); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); SPIBUS (Ian Chadwick); Spies Everywhere (Steve Fisher); Stat Rep: Cityfight (Claude Bloodgood).


10/81. BAOR (Charles Kamps); Founders & Memories (Richard Debaun & others); Leeton or Curtis (Jeffrey Bishop); Moves Canada (Ian Chadwick, Stephen Loniewski); Moves in English (Charles Vasey, Geoff Barnard); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Remember the Maine! (Thomas Smiley); Richard Berg's Review of Games, Vol 2 #1 (ed. Rich Berg), including review of Hitler's War (Omar DeWitt), Kanev (Dave Ritchie), Fall of South Vietnam (John Prados), Divine Wind (Nick Schuessler); SPIBUS (Ian Chadwick); Stat Rep: Commando (Claude Bloodgood); Your Moves (Mark Herman & Eric Smith).


12/81. The Alamo (George Schadel); Filling the Gap (Charles Kamps); Opening Moves (Redmond Simonsen); Operation Grenade (Lee Enderlin); Richard Berg's Review of Games Vol 2 #2 (ed. Rich Berg), including reviews of Battles & Leaders (Rich Berg), Husky (Dick Rustin), Commando Actions (Nick Schuessler), Oregon Trail (Rich Berg); Sicily (Dick Rustin); SPIBUS (Ian Chadwick); Stat Rep: Spies! (Claude Bloodgood); Your Moves (Rich Berg, James Meldrin).
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