Richard Berg's Review of Games

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A newsletter reviewing games and edited by Richard Berg. It ran for a number of issues before being folded into Moves with issue 59. Unfortunately, we are missing data on a few of the issues at present; if you have information about them, please contact me. RBROG was a 4-page 8 1/2" x 11" format newsletter (17" x 11" sheet folded in half).

N.B.: "Grapes," an industry gossip column, was uncreditted, but actually written by Howie Barasch.

Premier Issue

Given away as a freebie to spur subscriptions to the newsletter. Fortress Europa (rev. by Eric Goldberg); Streets of Stalingrad (rev. by Rich Berg); Hero and Swashbuckler (rev. by Greg Costikyan); Grapes (uncredited).


No information.


No information.

#3 10/8/80

From the Editor (Rich Berg); Yorktown (rev. by Rich Berg); Tito (rev. by Jack Radey); Pickett's Charge (rev. by Eric Goldberg); Bulletin (uncredited).

#4 10/22/80

Editorial (Rich Berg); The Longest Day--part 1 (rev. by Rich Berg); The War of the Worlds (rev. by Al Nofi); The Hammer of Thor (rev. by Eric Goldberg); Grapes (uncredited).

#5 11/5/80

From the Editor (Rich Berg); Timetripper (uncredited); Devil's Den (rev. by John Prados); Warsaw Pact (rev. by Steve List); Grapes (uncredited).

#6 11/19/80

Editorial (Rich Berg); The Longest Day--part II (rev. by Rich Berg); Dora Nawa (rev. by Dick Rustin); Grapes (uncredited).

#7 12/3/80

Across Suez (rev. by Berg); Belleau Wood (rev by Spence); From the Editor (Rich Berg); Grapes (uncredited).

#8 12/17/80

From the Editor (Rich Berg); Aces High (rev. by Dave Isby); Ram Speed (rev. by Rich Berg); Grapes (uncredited); The Battle of Austerlitz (SPI, rev. by George Schandel).

#9 1/14/81

Lee at the Crossroads (rev. by Haggart); The Kaiser's Battle (rev. by Jack Greene); From the Editor (Rich Berg); A Novel Digression (Rich Berg).

#10 1/28/81

From the Editor (Rich Berg); Java Man (rev by. Jon Gautier); Tacforce (rev. by Thaddeus B. Kubis); Forward to Richmond (rev. by Rich Berg); Grapes (uncredited).

#11 2/11/81

From the Editor (Rich Berg); Stalin's Tanks (rev. by Rich Berg); Quirks (rev. by Rudy Kraft); Eylau (rev. by Rich Berg); Grapes (uncredited).

#12 2/25/81

Leningrad X2: "Leningrad" and "Assault on Leningrad" (both rev. by Lou Coatney); Campaigns of Napoleon (rev. by Dave Ritchie); Grapes (uncredited).

#13 3/11/81

From the Editor (Rich Berg); Privateer (rev. by Rich Berg); Alaric the Goth (rev. by Rich Berg); Samurai (rev. by Rich Berg); Grapes (uncredited).

#14 3/25/81

From the Editor (Rich Berg); A Fistful of Turkeys (rev. by Rich Berg); Gallipoli (rev. by Dave Isby); Manassas (rev. by Rich Berg).

#15 4/8/81

Beat to Quarters (rev. by Burtt); Texas Revolution (rev. by Eric Smith); Grapes (uncredited).

#16 4/22/81

From the Editor (Rich Berg); The Guns of August (rev. by Rich Berg); Grapes (uncredited).

#17 5/6/81

FIghting Sail (rev. by Jacke Greene); Knights of Camelot (rev. by Eric Goldberg); Suez '73 (rev. by Burtt).

#18 5/20/81

Task Force (rev. by Stephen Newberg); Defiance - The Battle of Xuan Loc (rev. by Bill Watkins); Grapes (uncredited).

#19 6/3/81

From the Editor (Rich Berg); Dungeons and Dragons--Basic and Expert Sets (rev. by Rudy Kraft); Warship Commander (rev. by Dave Isby); Dragon Pass (rev. by Burtt).

#20 6/17/81

Winter Storm (rev. by David S. Berry); Dawn of the Dead (rev. by Burtt); Ironbottom Sound (rev. by John Prados).

#21 7/1/81

Imperium Romanum (rev. by Steve List); Spies (rev. by Rich Berg); Fury of the Norsemen (rev. by William Peschel).

#22 no date

Battlewagon (rev. by John D. Burtt); A House Divided (rev. by Rich Berg); The Trojan War (rev. by James Ritchie).

#23 no date

From the Editor (Rich Berg); The Alamo (rev. by Dan Mings); 1941 (rev. by Lou Coatney).

#24 no date

From the Editor; The Desert Fox (rev. by Vance von Borries); Assault on Tobruk (rev. by Vance von Borries).

#25 no date

The Barbarians (rev. by Greg Costikyan); Drive on Damascus (rev. by Dick Rustin); The Battle of Corinth (rev. by Haggart).

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