The SPI Compendium

Simulations Publications, Inc., or SPI, was a publisher of wargames, science fiction and fantasy boardgames, and roleplaying games that went bankrupt in 1982, with most of its assets passing to TSR, Inc., the publishers of Dungeons & Dragons. More of its history -- and its importance to the field -- can be found at can be found at A Farewell to Hexes.

The SPI Compendium is intended mainly as a reference for collectors of and enthusiasts for SPI games.

It is nearly complete, but a few bits of information are missing; if you'd like to help, click here for a list of what I still need to know.


All SPI's published games are listed, along with designer, developer, and date of publication. Brief descriptions are provided for most. Click this for a Note on Orthography.

Dates listed should be taken with a grain of salt. They were extracted from mentions in the magazines, and may be off by a few months from actual publication dates, as when the magazines went to press you weren't always sure exactly whether a game would hit its ship date.

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Alphabetical by title:


Each issue is listed along with the game and articles contained.


Credits by designer.


Books published by Poultron Press and SPI.

Where Can You Get SPI Games?

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